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dark, cold fever coarsed through Fera.
a great shattering of both the mind and spark nearly destroyed all that ever was, but somehow... life persisted. beyond the veil, a kitsune watched everything. she was simply lying in wait, the dark swirling void behind her becoming intertwined with the blazing, sparkling balefire that threatened to consume every living thing under the great sol. this story goes beyond her, and travels even to you, dear traveler. may the ashes reach every corner of fera, where they may finally find solace in the cold numbness of the blood tundra. we can only hope that this divine intervention lasts long enough...

well I'm glad you asked! here's the description i wrote on the subreddit. "I used to play Fer.al endlessly with my friends, spending hours into customizing my characters and farming lockpicks, I was a dedicated fan. When I learned about Cinder and eventually the closure of Fer.al 's servers, I was devastated. I felt an anger unmatched by anything I'd ever experienced solely on the company's poor actions and the fact that our community had now lost such a vital space. I want to revive this game, and after getting everything up and running, begin adding features and optimizing the game further than WildWorks could ever dream of achieving."

i by no means want to profit off of this project, not only for legal matters but also because of my moral code. this is a passion project, but that is as far as it goes. i cannot accept any donations, as much as i deeply appreciate the notion. my art commissions are always open if you really insist on supporting me, but none of the money i gain can be used for this project, unless an emergency is in effect (but I highly doubt that.).

this means that i cannot give salaries to people i recruit into the team, as i don't have the resources to support that. if i could, i would. definitely. i apologize for the inconvenience that might bring!

about the team!
lets start from the top. i am terribletyto, but you may call me owl. i am 19 at the time of writing this, i am an artist and the founder of this project!


saeyrh - sae is a trusted friend of mine, we met on deviantart funnily enough, and the art trade we conducted actually bloomed into a great friendship! their art is really neat, you should check it out!

marmaru - mara is my ace coon boom. wherever i am, mara is definitely somewhere nearby! we collaberate on projects all the time, and i trust her with my LIFE. she is an excellent mod and an excellent artist, and just an amazing friend.


dizzy - dizzy is not only an admin but a programmer! they are developing their own game too :D dizzy is genuinely fun to talk to, especially about game design, and i genuinely think they're a great fit for the team.


arcane - arcane is new to the team, and new to me, but i already love her positive attitude and take-charge mentality. i feel like they are a great fit for the team, and i'm the kind of person who doubles up on mods LMAO

reko - reko and i are pretty great friends i'd say! they're really fun to talk to, and they know pretty much EVERYTHING about digimon. they're a really talented listener, and their moderation skills are very conscise.

outsidemelon45 - new to the team aswell, but i am excited to get to know them!


reverb - reverb is a modeling artist, and although they're new to the team, i have good faith in their ability! the renders they've shown me are pretty consistently good, and even though there are some rough patches with some of them, the overall charm of their work really shines through, even with the flaws. i have great confidence in their work, and can only encourage them greatly to continue to do their best!

weirdedout - weirdedout's art is so awesome. like genuinely. and that's coming from someone who's only seen their WIP art of their jackalope so far. i have high confidence in their ability as an artist, and their lineart especially leaves me mesmerised!

tyrannosaurusallan - allan is my best friend, and his work continues to leave me in awe! we connect on basically everything and he is so, SOOO fun to just hang out with and talk to. he is definintely worth checking out, because seriously his art is phenomenal!

contact info


my discord: terribletyto#3641

my twitter: @terribletyto

my deviantart (i dont post that much tho): @terribletyto

。.:☆*:・' Fer.al Reimagined Links! '・:*☆:.。

the subreddit, and the discord server invite!!

if you want to apply for the team (artist, programmer, moderation) apply via the google forms!